The code-obfuscation-toolkit allows you to obfuscate the source code of a variety of stored programs, including procedures, functions, package bodies, and type bodies. When wrapping an object, to further obfuscate the original code in the event that it is ever unwrapped, all comments and line breaks can also be removed.

Automatically Protecting PII Data Columns with Transparent Data Encryption

What if you have a lot of potential PII data and you need to enforce some additional safeguards on it? How do I make this information actionable, and better yet how do I automate that action as much as possible?

Connection Manager Auto Start

I love Oracle's Connection Manager for its proxy filtering of Oracle Net connections, but it has one major flaw: it isn't integrated into Oracle's Cluster Ready Services (CRS) or Oracle Restart at all. When configured securely, Connection Manager requires a manually entered password to perform most maintenance and administrative functions, including startup and shutdown. If … Continue reading Connection Manager Auto Start