Automatically Protecting PII Data Columns with Transparent Data Encryption

What if you have a lot of potential PII data and you need to enforce some additional safeguards on it? How do I make this information actionable, and better yet how do IĀ automate that action as much as possible?

DBMS software monitoring

The very first item in the STIG reads as follows: Group ID (Vulid): V-2420 Group Title: DBMS software monitoring Rule ID: SV-24597r1_rule Severity: CAT III Rule Version (STIG-ID): DG0010-ORACLE11 Rule Title: Database executable and configuration files should be monitored for unauthorized modifications. Vulnerability Discussion: Changes to files in the DBMS software directory including executable, configuration, … Continue reading DBMS software monitoring

Real-Time Oracle 11g Log File Analysis

The core of virtually every application that manipulates data is the database. It is vitally important, in both production and development environments, to understand at all times what the database is doing and why. There are a variety of commercial database monitoring solutions available in the market today; most rely on SQL monitoring and monitoring … Continue reading Real-Time Oracle 11g Log File Analysis