My Software

code-obfuscation-toolkit – January 2019

The code_obfuscation_toolkit package allows you to obfuscate the source code of a variety of stored programs, including procedures, functions, package bodies, and type bodies. Objects can be wrapped individually, by object type within a schema, or across an entire schema with a single execution. When wrapping an object, to further obfuscate the original code in the event that it is ever unwrapped, all comments and line breaks can also be removed.

plsql-pii-scanner – August 2018

An example of a method for scanning the Oracle data dictionary for potential PII data and automating specific responses, such as encrypting of columns or alerting the DBA, when new data is found.

utl-password – September 2015

The utl_password package allows you to generate a random alphanumeric password (with special characters) of the length specified in the input.

whitelist-for-oracle – February 2015

A filter that allows incoming database connections to be approved or rejected based on the values of their sys_context parameters.

linux-scripts – December 2016

A collection of useful management scripts.