I'm going to post this as a reminder to myself as much as anything else. A couple of times - most recently this week - I've had to apply patches for Oracle APEX into various databases that I work with and received the following error almost as soon as the apxpatch.sql script started to run: … Continue reading APEX Patches and NLS_LENGTH_SEMANTICS

How to Load Large WebSheets into APEX

A few years ago I started keeping most of my system documentation in APEX websheets. It's great for keeping things organized and readily available no matter how I'm accessing my work network (on-site, VPN, etc.). A lot of my installation documents have embedded screenshots, and the png files are attached to the websheet as annotations. … Continue reading How to Load Large WebSheets into APEX

APEX Mystery Solved

I have used Oracle APEX in various capacities since version 3. Since Oracle introduced their packaged applications in version 4 I have played around with most of them from time to time and currently use several of them in my daily work. P-Track, ORAchk, WebSheets and others make my job a lot easier, and the new … Continue reading APEX Mystery Solved

Real-Time Oracle 11g Log File Analysis

The core of virtually every application that manipulates data is the database. It is vitally important, in both production and development environments, to understand at all times what the database is doing and why. There are a variety of commercial database monitoring solutions available in the market today; most rely on SQL monitoring and monitoring … Continue reading Real-Time Oracle 11g Log File Analysis

ORA-38712: Corrupt flashback log record header

I ran into this error last week after we had an unexpected server crash. The only information I could find was the generic description in the Oracle documentation: Cause: A corrupt flashback database log record header was read. Either the record type or length were incorrect. More information was dumped to the trace file. Action: … Continue reading ORA-38712: Corrupt flashback log record header