Deploying an Oracle 11gR2 Connection Manager

A business or organization can only be successful if its critical data is well managed and secure. Every day the news is filled with stories of corporations, financial institutions, and governments whose data systems have been compromised. Tightly configured network architectures which limit the direction and channels through which data flows can greatly reduce the overall exposure of application databases. Unfortunately, in my experience this aspect of data system planning is often overlooked or its importance severely underestimated. Using Oracle Connection Manager to proxy server-to-server communications and reverse proxy client-server connections adds an extra layer of security to the database’s network architecture. When properly configured and used in conjunction with firewalls and other tools like Oracle’s Advanced Security Option, it allows me as a database administrator to enforce strong configuration controls on database communications and to monitor both inbound and outbound communications for any abnormalities. In this paper I will describe my basic techniques, developed over the last several years, for adding Connection Manager to the Oracle Net network and configuring it for proxy and reverse proxy operations.

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