Cluster Timezone

I was installing and configuring Oracle RAC One Node last week and I noticed that some of the log files had completely different timestamps than others. While the alert logs, listener logs, and audit trails had timestamps that matched my local timezone, the cluster service logs were eight or nine hours ahead! When I looked into it, I found an article in My Oracle Support (ID 1209444.1) that shed a little light on the subject.

In version and later, Oracle stores timezone configuration information for RAC and RAC One Node in the “$GRID_HOME/crs/install/s_crsconfig_<nodename>_env.txt” file. It is critical that the TZ entry match one of the timezones defined by the operating system (Linux, in my case) in the “/usr/share/zoneinfo” directory tree. Somehow during my install, the TZ value had been set to “GMT-5:00”. This timezone definition didn’t exist in the zoneinfo directory, and Oracle was unable to interpret correctly. Once I changed the TZ setting in s_crsconfig_<nodename>_env.txt to “America/New_York” and restarted cluster services, all of the log file timestamps matched up correctly.

To see current TZ settings:

# cat /etc/sysconfig/clock

To see all valid TZ settings:

# ls -lR /usr/share/zoneinfo

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